installation of cdrecord needs an user "bin"

Fernando Arbeiza arbeizaf at
Thu Oct 4 09:22:04 PDT 2001

On Thu 04 Oct 2001 18:11, Ian Molton wrote:
> On stardate Thu, 04 Oct 2001 10:22:09 -0500
> J.A. began the full scale invasion of earth with the following words:
> > ==== /etc/passwd ====
> > bin:x:1:1:bin:/dev/null:/bin/false
> I have:
> bin:x:1:1:bin::
> is that bad?

>From "man 5 passwd":

  shell     the program to run at login (if empty, use /bin/sh).
                        If set to a non-existing executable, the  user  will
                        be unable to login through login(1).

Perhaps, user bin can login in your system using the shel sh. So the former


seems a better alternative.

Fernando Arbeiza,
Cantabria, Spain
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