Setting up a print server. Help still needed

Ian Molton imolton at
Thu Oct 4 09:21:58 PDT 2001

On stardate Thu, 4 Oct 2001 17:08:38 +0100
Joao began the full scale invasion of earth with the following words:

> Thank you all for the replies. But I'm still having an hard time because
> I can't understand what's the job of each thing so I still dunno what
> I need. Here goes some postings you made and my questions:

I'll ignore those and explain how things work.

-p-> = postscript
-w-> = windows app printing standard (whatever it is)
-l-> = printers own format

Printing from your local unix box:

App -p-> Ghostscript -l-> lpr -l-> spooler daemon -l-> printer

and printing from your remote windows box:

App -w-> windows driver -l-> samba...

Putting these together, this is what you get:

Unix --p--> Ghostscript ---l--> lpr -l-> spooler -l-> printer
Winders -w-> driver -l-> samba --+


of course, if you only want to print from your windows box, the following
ugly hack might work:

print command = cat %s >/dev/printer ; rm %s


Funny, a thought did occur, in that, why dont we set windows to print in
postscript and let ghostscript handle the rasterisation on the server? Then
you'd only need 1 driver for all the wondows boxen...
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