Setting up a print server. Help still needed

Joao Clemente jpcl at
Thu Oct 4 09:08:38 PDT 2001

Thank you all for the replies. But I'm still having an hard time because I
can't understand
what's the job of each thing so I still dunno what I need. Here goes some
postings you made and my questions:
(I've numberer each mail I got here, and I have questions inside the body of
every one)

1 --------------------------------------------------------------
>> > what I need to run... lpd's, lpr's, xxx's?

>> i suggest CUPS, it was nice to compile and setup with lfs.

>CUPS is nice and, although I haven't tried it, you can setup SAMBA so
>that even 'doze machines can use your print server.

So, If I setup SAMBA (that was my original tough so that I can share ir with
Win boxes) I woun't need
ANY deamon like cups, lpr , lpd ? (these are all printer queues, I think, is
that it?)

------------ 1
(end) --------------------------------------------------------
2 --------------------------------------------------------------

>> CUPS is nice and, although I haven't tried it, you can setup SAMBA so
>> that even 'doze machines can use your print server.

>I just did this. heres how (for an individual printer)
>in your smb.conf (why oh why does this go in $prefix/lib??!) put this:

>   comment = BJC-210 printer
>   path = /var/spool/samba           (a directory samba can write in)
>   printer = BJC210
>   print command = lpr -oraw %s ; rm %s        (quick and dirty)

So it seems you need to set up lpr? This is the command the samba issues
when win tries to print something over here, right?
Then this mean that WHEN I can get my local machine to print using a "lpr"
command I have everything set?

>works a charm.
In Windows box? And you dont need some kind of driver (in the Win box) to
set things up ?

------------ 2
(end) --------------------------------------------------------

Ok, so what is the status of my head? Here it goes:

1 - I am sure I need Samba
2 - I'm almost sure I need ghostscript
3 - I think that maybe I need a2ps   ( these are filters or something like
it , right? )
4 - I have no ideia if I need CUPS, LPRng, lpd, or whatever printer queue

0 - I know some of the instructions on the print* hints failed (at least for
me some commands don't exist)

Thank you again

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