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Thu Oct 4 09:32:20 PDT 2001

On Thursday 04 October 2001 13:43, you wrote:
> On Thursday 04 October 2001 10:17, Walter Horsten wrote:
> > No don't worry, nothing wrong with your setup, the 3000-6000 are the
> > frame rates i got when running the test progs at their initial size
> > (which is 320x200 or 640x480, don't know for sure), on a bare X in 16
> > bit. with practically no other processes.
> Which test programs are you talking about? The glxgears program that comes
> with XF86 runs by default in a 300x300 window - in 1024x768, 16-bit, I can
> *just* make 1000 fps... like you, no other processes running, and a
> lightweight desktop (either WindowMaker or twm give similar performance).

the test programs in the glut package ( in progs/demos of the glut dir)
the glxgears runs around 2600fps in the initial size, i do have
loads of ram (0.5Gb) - mainly for image manipulation. - that
might make a difference in performance.
my desktop is at 1600x1200. my gfxcard is a ASUS-V7700 GeForce2 GTS (32mb)

how much system ram do you have? do you have the MX or the GTS?
the gts has a pixel fill rate of 800Mpixel/s, while the MX has a pixel 
fill rate of 350 Mpixel/s...which could explain the difference in
performance (800/350 = 2.2 ~= 2.6 = 2600/1000) - and price ;)
see for
a comparison between the GTS and MX hardware.


> Simon.
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