XFree 4.1 : scrambled fonts

VAN DIJCK Wim Wim.VAN-DIJCK at eurocontrol.int
Thu Oct 4 00:37:19 PDT 2001


I succeeded in getting X410 working on my lfs-ed iMac (yay!), but half of
the fonts are scrambled, 
or only partially visible. The weird thing is that for example the command
line in xterm 
(what I type) is fine, but the prompt is unreadable.
Also, in WindowMaker for example, in the prefences util, the titles in the
tabs are scrambled, 
but the text inside is fine.

I'm not that familiar with how X handles its fonts, so I don't know where to
I tried changing the fontdirs in XF86Config, changed some things in Xftconf 
(or something, I'm not at my machine).

Could it be because I followed the x11 hint (which is basically for X 3.x)?
Anyone recognise this?


PS: sorry if my mail format sux, but I don't know how to make Outlook wrap
lines (I know, I know, ..., I'm sending this from work).
Wim Van Dijck

A fanatic is one who can't change his mind and won't change the subject.
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