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Wed Oct 3 15:09:04 PDT 2001

On Thu, Oct 04, 2001 at 12:41:18AM +0200, Stefano wrote:
> This is what i got after running bsetbg:
> bsetbg: error: couldn't find grep!
> this script needs grep to be in your path in order to function.
> you can get GNU grep from
> root:/usr/local/blackbox-0.61.1$vi /usr/local/bin/bsetbg 
> root:/usr/local/blackbox-0.61.1$grep grep /usr/local/bin/bsetbg 
>    nogrep)
>      echo "$NAME: error: couldn't find grep!"
>      echo "this script needs grep to be in your path in order to function." 
>      echo "you can get GNU grep from" && exit 1
>     cat $TMPFILE | grep -v $APP > $TMPFILE2
> case `which grep 2>&1` in */*grep) : ;;
>         error_msg nogrep
> Of course i have got grep in /usr/local/bin, so why this message?
> Thanks,

For starters, grep should be in /usr/bin, but as long as /usr/local/bin is
in your $PATH it shouldn't be a disaster.

The problem is that your package wants to run the 'which' program which
doesn't exist on a normal LFS system. That would help towards it not being
able to find grep, because bash will report that 'which' doens't exist.

If which does exist, then check your $PATH to make sure it includes

Gerard Beekmans

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