Any clue of what is needed for setting up a print server?

Jason Gurtz jason at
Wed Oct 3 11:55:00 PDT 2001

> Some months ago I notified the Samba developers about Samba FHS
> incompliance, after I installed a Samba printserver, and even had
> to hack sources to get all the files to the right place.

That's the spirit!  =)

> [...] because they want to
> stick to the default nonsense but historically "correct"
> traditional setup with files all over the place.

Hmm, where have I seen this before  ;)

> I've seen patches
> on the Samba lists which add an FHS compliance option to configure
> floating around. However I did not do any Samba installs since
> then, dunno whether any of that stuff made it into the
> distribution.

When I did the first released 2.2.0 build I noticed a --with-fhs option
was available, which I used.  I thought that it might have improved the
state of things a bit, but that there was more work to be done for sure
:/   There has been a few more releases by now, so I should try another
build with the latest release and see what's up.

Then there's the matter of ssl support.  I only have samba working @
home a bit and it whines about not finding a certificate.  I've done
some searching around a bit and som far I've found one email that says
the ssl support is not complete (so don't use it) and a smb.conf fix
(which didn't make the error go away).

Hmm, lots of testing to be done on this app me-thinks.  ;)





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