mbox suport in 2nd release of mu

jerry jdinardo at ix.netcom.com
Wed Oct 3 09:19:03 PDT 2001

> Cool, I'll check it out!
> ~Jason
Since I wote that announcement, I have also added sasl (PLAIN and
CRAM-MD5 ) smtp auth. I do not know if the documentation in the README is
clear. Could you let me know if it  is good enough. 

There is now a trace option to trace the pop sessions and smtp sessions.
mu -t  will trace all tcpip stuff and write it to a file in ~/.mu .
This makes it real easy to see what is happening if pop,apop,or smtp does
not work quite right.

Also I included the sample config that you sent me but I have not had time
to update it yet.

If you or anyone else has access to a site that uses smpt auth and  could
check it out, I would appreciate it. I have only checked it out on my
machine with exim. 

For anyone else reading this , the newest version is at
pweb.netcom.com/~jdinardo/mu .

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