Thanks for the answers, so...

Jason Gurtz jason at
Wed Oct 3 09:11:19 PDT 2001

> If I understand this correctly my router would have my assigned IP
> number, and the other two boxes would have internal IP numbers. Should
> the router also have an internal IP number towards the internal boxes?

Yes.  Historicly it whould be "x.x.x.1" but can be any IP valid on that
subnet.  This also is the number you put as the default Gateway on the
internal boxen.

> Then I will just route the appropriate ports to the internal boxes
> respectively.

Port forwarding?  If so, yep, sounds right.  Can also set up NAT for
transparent access to the Public Net from the private addy boxes.

> I have some reading to do now I guess!

Yea, lots to read about on these subjects  :)  and interesting



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