Linux, Novell and MS-Exchange server

Jason Gurtz jason at
Wed Oct 3 07:08:31 PDT 2001

>   NB: I don,t want to run the servers I just want to login
> (Cleint) onto
> the and use  Novell and MS-Exchange,

	Bynari has made a "Insight" client and their old product is Open source
by the looks of it.  Check out: for the Open source M$
Outlook replacment and for the commercial one.
AFAIK though, it is NOT strictly an Exchange client, but rather a POP3,
IMAP, SMTP, and LDAP client.  There are many other Linux mail clients
that support these protocols, but that's probly closer to what you're
looking for.  I know Exchange supports the first 3 for sure, not sure
about an LDAP directory thou.

	I'm not sure at all about Netware, but I know there must be something
as the Kernel has support in there for NDIS.  Novel actualy sells NDS
for Linux, but that may be just server software.



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