New version of LFS

Simon Geard delgarde at
Wed Oct 3 04:13:29 PDT 2001

On Wednesday 03 October 2001 22:21, Andy Blower wrote:
> Is there anywhere I can find out what has changed between lfs 3.0-pre4 and
> lfs 3.0 in terms of important issues? I don't really want (well yes I do,
> but I am changing job, moving house soon and have wife + 2 kids so time is
> not my own) to rebuild LFS 3.0 and upgrade from pre4 for the sake of it - I
> need a concrete reason.

Look in the changelog for 3.0. Basically, there's a few minor version 
upgrades, and a few minor changes to the compilation commands. If you haven't 
got any problems, there's no need to upgrade - my day-to-day system is 
running fine on pre4, though I've built 3.0 several times to experiment on.

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