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Sanjuro Europe sanjuro_e at
Tue Oct 2 23:03:06 PDT 2001

I just registered. User ID 100!

I assume this information isn't going to be sold to third-parties etc 
etc etc.

Sanjuro Europe

Gerard Beekmans wrote:

> Hi guys,
> Some of you may have heard about the 'lfs counter' that would be setup.
> Well, version 0.1 of it is ready and running at
> What does it give you? Nothing really, just an attempt to find out how many
> people are using LFS. Parsing webserver and ftp server log files won't
> really give us an idea how many people are using LFS, because there are a
> lot of "repeat customers" so to speak. Not that this counter will really be
> accurate, it all depends on how many people will take the time to fill out
> their name, but it'll just get me the lowest number of people using LFS 
> (assuming that all entries are proper and nobody cheats by entering 100 
> names).
> And if nothing else, this is also the very first perl program I've ever
> written, so I did learn some good things from making it (and I'll be making
> changes to it as we go, as suggestions come in, etc).
> remind me, these are almost the exact same words I said when I started LFS
> ("If nothing else, at least i learned how to use sgml")

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