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Jared began the full scale invasion of earth with the following words:

> Because when quake3 DOES slow down from either lots of people in the game
> or 
> lots of polygons on the screen it is less noticable.  Keep in mind that 
> framerates are not always constant so 200fps would either be a max or an 
> average, especially in games.

Thats my point - far more useful in quake would be to quote the /slowest/
speed the card attained during test. because its when it drops to less than
the monitor refresh rate that things start to get choppy.

so as long as the minimum is 100FPS (for me), Im very happy. That said, its
/even more/ important that the average framerate isnt deviated from much,
because if (like me) your video card (voodoo3) stands /no/ hope of hitting
the refresh rate, you really notice any change in framerate.

My Voodoo3 on Duron 918 gets a constant (by eye) 35FPS. it appears to vary
+- 7-8FPS max, 3-5avg.

hence most of the time its liveable. only when the framerate varys >5FPS
does it get really bad.

I'd rather have a card that did 35FPS +- 5 than one that did 100FPS +- 50.
It doesnt matter if the card does 9000FPS staring directly at a wall, only
that it can sustain a given framerate without too much variation.
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