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Tue Oct 2 08:58:14 PDT 2001

On Tue, 2 Oct 2001, jerry wrote:

> The strangest thing I have found is the situation with X4.1.
> After I do  the normal make world /install, I have to change gcc to g++
> and remake directory and then make install again. I believe this was in
> the glxinfo (glx something or other) dir.
> It would not work if I changed gcc to g++ before the first make world.
> When this worked for me , I did
> not look any farther for a rational explanation, but I am sure there
> is a proper fix. I will probably look for it myself it I get some time.

One of the libraries that X builds is written in C++. They link it
separately so the linker doesn't know it needs libstdc++ so it doesn't get
linked. The link line for that particular library needs -lstdc++ added to
it. I can't remember which library it was but glx seems familiar.

William Astle
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