Programs run from terminal but not from menu

Steve Bougerolle steveb at
Tue Oct 2 04:45:07 PDT 2001

> If you look at wherever you send your X Errors, it'll probably say >
something to indicate a PATH problem.

I checked the log and error logs, and they show nothing! The startup
messages for each program appear, then nothing else - they just disappear
without a trace.

I think the basic problem stems > from GNOME not having a PATH where these
programs live. Do you startx > from a tty with startx, or do you use
XDM/KDM/GDM? Whichever way you > do it you need to be sure that there is a
PATH set so GNOME is happy.

Either with startx or GDM, the problem is the same.  Is there a particular
place to set a path for the GNOME menu?  If there is, it must be different
from the Run command in the menu, because that works...

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