Simon Geard delgarde at
Tue Oct 2 03:45:59 PDT 2001

On Friday 28 September 2001 07:25, Walter Horsten wrote:

> i would stay away completely from MESA when you have a NVIDIA card (GLUT
> and GLE are available seperately), check the NVIDIA+OpenGL (mini?) HOWTO at
> glut isn't really straightforward :(, but now
> i do get 3000-6000 fps for most example progs (haven't tried them all) on a
> GeForce2 gts (intel pIII 1ghz), so it's worth the trouble.

Question - how *do* you get that kind of frame rate? My machine is of similar 
specs (Athlon 1.1, GF2-MX), but the best I can get out of the glxgears demo 
is about 950 fps. That's running in 1152x864 at 16 bit. If I use 24-bit, it 
drops to about 450.

My setup is simple - a fresh LFS 3.0 build, XF86 4.1 installed as per the X11 
hint, and with the latest nvidia drivers installed. It's using hardware 
rendering, but nowhere near the speeds you're talking about.

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