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Tue Oct 2 01:18:58 PDT 2001

also sprach Kusli:
> Yes, I built my whole LFS with GCC 3.0.1
> There are some issues (like g++ doesn't like the -I/usr/include 
> parameter, etc...) but I could compile pretty much everything, up to 
> gnome (not yet completely, still missing gnome-admin, gnome-network, 
> etc..) with enligthenment.
> I'm not yet sure, but I thought I read somewhere that libraries built > with GCC 3.x are no longer compatible with those (or the binaries) 
> built with GCC 2.x. (And therefore you would have to setup the whole 
> LFS with GCC 3.0.1 or not at all). Could someone please confirm that?
> Markus

Given the amount of crud I've been installing in the past week, a
rebuild is due - and will resolve any potential problems with

I have installed it already - too impatient to wait for replies, and
experienced no errors. Also installed icewm-1.0.9 pre2 and all is
running quite well.

Thanks for your comments, Markus

Fergus Belford
fbmail at ozemail.com.au
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