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Scott Haugaard dino at
Mon Oct 1 09:30:12 PDT 2001

On Monday 01 October 2001 09:13 am, martial daumas wrote:
> Le Mon, 1 Oct 2001 16:05:46 +0000 (UTC)
> dino at (Scott Haugaard) a écris:
> |Anybody compiled a telnet client for LFS? Which one?  I tried to compile
> |netkit-telnet-0.17
> yes, i compiled the one from netkit-combo package this afternnon, works OK.
> but i ran in troubles from talkd (hopefully i don't need it) but i had
> sucessfully compiled the whole stuff several times on previous LFS (i'm on
> RC1 right now), i know i have some glibc relalted stuff semi-wasted (it's
> my fault, i admit lol, it will be ok 'till i try 3.0 this weekend)
> hope this helped a little.
> BTW: i just used standard options for telnet client.
> ciao

Works beautifully.  Thanks.  Dunno why the netkit-telnet-0.17 doesn't... 
should be the same.  I guess the configure script is more sophisticated on 
the combo.  For those newbies out there like myself, if you just ./configure 
in the root of the netkit-combo source tree, and then cd into the 
netkit-telnet subdirectory and run make, you can then grab just the telnet 
client out of netkit-combo-0.17/netkit-telnet/telnet.  I like to use telnet 
to test stuff like sendmail and other services, but want to leave as much of 
the netkit off of my system as possible for security reasons.  You can do the 
same thing for any of the other utilities  (I also compiled ftp for those 
cases where a browser or sftp won't cut it).
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