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Florian Bachmann f_bachmann at
Mon Oct 1 07:47:20 PDT 2001

On Monday 01 October 2001 13:07, you wrote:
> hello,
> whenever I start X, the system prints "Hostname lookup error" or
> something like this (I am writing this from my brain).
> My .xinitrc has only one line (startkde). This problem also occurs
> with blackbox, so I assume, it is X related and not windowmanager
> related.
> Any hints?
> Jan

This is just a guess, but the error message you get may be related to the old 
hostname program oddity - there are actually two hostname programs, one from 
the GNU sh-utils package and one from net-tools. Only the latter understands 
the command line switches used by the startx script that is part of XFree86, 
the other will set your hostname to something like "-f". To verify this, 
launch your X session, then type in hostname in a shell. If the reported 
hostname is something like "-f", you are using the wrong hostname program.

Hope this helps.

Florian Bachmann <f_bachmann at>
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