My Nightmare weekend with LFS

Andy Blower andy.blower at
Mon Oct 1 07:27:41 PDT 2001

Thanks Chris,

>From this post and some lilo reading, it seems I can easily install lilo on
hda without affecting the Boot Manager (uses it's own tiny partition) and
use lilo to control all booting. The good thing is that know I can restore
now I know what lilo will overwrite.

The problems on hda were caused when I used Linux fdisk to re-create the
partition table from values obtained by gpart (GNU guess partitions) about a
month ago when scandisk ran after a system crash, found a file which was
only half written on a large FAT32 partition and marked my whole 36Gig
extended partition on hda as bad blocks... must disable scandisk in windows!
It wasn't caused by PMagic, although you would think if it recons there is
an error, it would allow you to do something about it! The error is also
just that the table does not conform to some built in rules rather than it
is not usable.

Anyway once I re-created the partition table and recovered my partitions
(all but one which only had reinstallable programs and no data thank
goodness) Partition Magic was then unable to read the partition table..
Powerquests' solution to the error given is to backup data and repartition
disk. Supposedly it's caused by different disk geometry being used by a util
writing the table than is used by PMagic.. 

As you can see I have not had the best year with my PC.. lol



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> Andy Blower wrote:
> > No wonder it's having problems. How does it figure
> > out which  partition to mount as root? 
> I think that you should use lilo to boot all your systems.  
> The errors 
> caused by other things (Partition Magic and Boot Mng?), do 
> not help to give 
> any confidence.
> Lilo will overwrite the MBR of hda, that is all.  If you want 
> to restore it 
> to its original msdos format, then boot a msdos floppy and run either
> This will remove any reference to Linux from the MBR
> Your lilo.conf  should contain something like this:
> boot=/dev/hda
> lba32
> prompt
> timeout=100
> default=msdog
> other=/dev/hda1
> label=msdog
> image=/boot/vmlinuz
> label=lfs
> root=/dev/hdb2
> You can fill in the rest for yourself.  Once you can boot the 
> two systems; 
> then you could put that spare disk back (possibly as the 
> slave on ide2).
> Then re-partition it, and see if it is really faulty, by 
> building another 
> LFS system on it.
> Chris
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