KDM background [was Re: blackbox themes]

Gregory Davis gdavis7 at umbc.edu
Mon Oct 1 06:11:40 PDT 2001

Also make sure you setup a jpeg library (libjpeg) and told QT to use it 
when you compiled QT (-system-jpeg).  Otherwise you may get pictures of 
other flavors to display, but not jpegs.


Dave Anselmi wrote:

> Greg Turpin wrote:
>> By the way - does anyone know what KDE does to set the background of KDM?
>> I can't seem to get KDM to display an image (or much of anything) as a
>> background.  I do have xv installed.
> Sorry if this has been answered, I'm behind on mail (what else is new).
> Put this line in Xsetup_0:
> /usr/local/kde/bin/kdmdesktop &
> The file should be somewhere like /etc/X11/xdm/Xsetup_0 and kdmdesktop is
> in $KDEDIR/bin, depending how you built things.
> kdm works like this (see the xdm man page for the gory details - they do
> the same thing):
> - start X to get the graphics displayed
> - run the Xsetup script (the _0 above means this script runs for :0
> displays) - run the login widget (xdm uses xlogin, not sure about kdm)
> To adjust the settings for background image, how the login widget looks,
> etc, use Start Menu -> Preferences -> System -> Login Manager.
> After you login, other files in /etc/X11/xdm control what happens.
> Dave

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