My Nightmare weekend with LFS

Andy Blower andy.blower at
Mon Oct 1 04:29:12 PDT 2001

So, what you are saying is that it's trying to mount hda1 (which is a dos
FAT16 partition) as root? No wonder it's having problems. How does it figure
out which  partition to mount as root? I thought that it was defined in the
lilo.conf as root=**** and the /etc/fstab (for remounting rw). Is it defined
anywhere else because I think I have got these right? I will double check

In the configuration which produces the Kernel Panic (and incidentaly my
panic too.. ;-), I have the DOS/Windows disk on hda: ide0 master and the LFS
(Redhat is long gone!!) disk on hdb:ide0 slave. The other disk is sitting on
the desk and this is the one that used to have redhat & my boot partition
when it sat as hdb. I have moved LFS disk from hdc to hdb simply so I can
have a /dev/hdb2 partition (/boot) with lilo on it since the other disk
can't be got to work reliably and this is what the Boot Mgr on the windows
disk points to (shame I cannot fix the #116 error Partition Magic gives so I
could just then use PM to redo the pointer for Linux). I may try to use a
different Boot Mgr as well but this seems risky for my windows disk.

So I have created a partition on the LFS disk which appears as /dev/hdb2 in
this config and the boot manager will boot from if the Linux option is
selected. I know that my original post is long and convoluted, but the
information is there - it's a very hard thing to describe without writing a
dissertation and defining all assumptions (and I think I'd rather throw the
computer away lol).

I will post my tables and lilo.conf for this config tonight if I didn't make
a mistake that I can spot.

Thanks for your help - it's appreciated.


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> Andy Blower wrote:
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> So glad that you have had an interesting weekend
> > Yes I changed lilo.conf appropriately each time 
> (boot=/dev/hda for 3rd
> > (lfs) disk as hda with lilo on MBR and boot=/dev/hdb2 for 
> 3rd disk as hdb
> > with OS/2 Bmgr kicking to /dev/hdb2).
> > 
> >> > [MS-DOS FS Rel 12, FAT 16,check=n,conv=b,uid=0,gid=0,umask=000]
> >> > 
> >> [me=0xf8,cs=4,#f=2,fs=1,fl=12,ds=25,de=512,data=57,se=32,ts=0,
> >> ls=512,rc=0,f
> >> >c =4294967295]
> >> > Transaction block size = 512
> >> > Kernel panic: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on 03:01
> >> >
> This is hda1.  From linux/Documentation/devices.txt block 
> device 3;  0=hda, 
> 64=hdb;  plus partition number.  The booting kernel is seeing 
> /dev/hda1 as 
> a FAT partition.
> Have you got your MSDOS on hda; with the disk jumpered as 
> master; and the 
> old Redhat, on hdb, this jumpered as slave?  So is hdc the 
> master on the 
> second IDE with a CDROM as slave?
> You say that you are running lilo; so your boot is off hda, I 
> am not clear 
> as to your booting method.  Is lilo booting the MSDOS and the 
> Linux systems?
> I would like you to post your partition tables, and you 
> lilo.conf; since it 
> is not obvious what is wrong.
> Chris
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