My Nightmare weekend with LFS

Andy Blower andy.blower at
Mon Oct 1 02:50:15 PDT 2001

Wow, thanks for reading - I'm impressed. ;-)

Yes I changed lilo.conf appropriately each time (boot=/dev/hda for 3rd (lfs)
disk as hda with lilo on MBR and boot=/dev/hdb2 for 3rd disk as hdb with
OS/2 Bmgr kicking to /dev/hdb2).

I wrote that mail last night (nearly breaking the keyboard in my anger and
frustration. I have had a bit more time to think about it now and my problem
seems to revolve around the windows disk and the un-backed up data it
contains. Even if I had a Backup, it's the thought of re-installing
everything and setting it up.. took ages and I really don't wan't to repeat
it. I think that either installing another Boot Manager and taking the risk
is my only option unless someone can tell me why this kernel panic is

I feel confident that I could replace the suspect disk as hdb, recreate hdb2
on it, install lilo here and boot LFS via the Boot Mgr, unfortunately going
on past experience this would last only 1 or 2 reboots.. why the hell can't
I get the 3rd disk to work??


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> Hi Andy!
> Some thoughts --
> I've also had troubles, but nothing like your troubles.
> Seems your old hdb was really on the blink -- hard disks 
> don't last for ever.
> Your new hdb, when you changed the partition order to get 
> your boot partition 
> at the start, did you also change the entry in lilo.conf 
> which refers to your 
> new root (now /dev/hdb1, I think, as /dev/hdb2 is now at the 
> start, and linux 
> fdisk often gets partitions out of order and even seems happy with it)
> Incidently, new versions of lilo (>=21.6)  have no limits on 
> where it will 
> boot from, providing the motherboard is also "modern" and the line 
> lba32
> appears in the global part of /etc/lilo.conf
> On Mon, 01 Oct 2001 19:49, Andy Blower wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > This is going to be a long post attempting to describe, 
> from memory, what
> > has gone wrong with my PC this weekend. It is probably 
> above the call of
> > duty to read this - and truely heroic to reply... ;-) But I 
> thought it was
> > worth a shot anyway. Before I begin, please note there are 
> 2 problems:
> >
> (snipped)
> >
> > Finally, this is the error I get on attempting to boot LFS from boot
> > manager -> hdb2:
> >
> > .... stuff ... normal .... stuff ...
> > [MS-DOS FS Rel 12, FAT 16,check=n,conv=b,uid=0,gid=0,umask=000]
> > 
> [me=0xf8,cs=4,#f=2,fs=1,fl=12,ds=25,de=512,data=57,se=32,ts=0,
> ls=512,rc=0,f
> >c =4294967295]
> > Transaction block size = 512
> > Kernel panic: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on 03:01
> >
> >
> (snipped)
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