My Nightmare weekend with LFS

cll muzh muzh at
Mon Oct 1 02:29:14 PDT 2001

Hi Andy!
Some thoughts --
I've also had troubles, but nothing like your troubles.
Seems your old hdb was really on the blink -- hard disks don't last for ever.
Your new hdb, when you changed the partition order to get your boot partition 
at the start, did you also change the entry in lilo.conf which refers to your 
new root (now /dev/hdb1, I think, as /dev/hdb2 is now at the start, and linux 
fdisk often gets partitions out of order and even seems happy with it)
Incidently, new versions of lilo (>=21.6)  have no limits on where it will 
boot from, providing the motherboard is also "modern" and the line 
appears in the global part of /etc/lilo.conf

On Mon, 01 Oct 2001 19:49, Andy Blower wrote:
> Hi,
> This is going to be a long post attempting to describe, from memory, what
> has gone wrong with my PC this weekend. It is probably above the call of
> duty to read this - and truely heroic to reply... ;-) But I thought it was
> worth a shot anyway. Before I begin, please note there are 2 problems:
> Finally, this is the error I get on attempting to boot LFS from boot
> manager -> hdb2:
> .... stuff ... normal .... stuff ...
> [MS-DOS FS Rel 12, FAT 16,check=n,conv=b,uid=0,gid=0,umask=000]
> [me=0xf8,cs=4,#f=2,fs=1,fl=12,ds=25,de=512,data=57,se=32,ts=0,ls=512,rc=0,f
>c =4294967295]
> Transaction block size = 512
> Kernel panic: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on 03:01
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