nano and joe hints

richard at richard at
Thu Nov 30 06:18:51 PST 2000

The lfs-discuss group has just had another thread
on alternatives to ed and vim. I like the idea
of mentioning you can use what you want, and pointing
people at lfs-hints. So here are some hints:-


Pine mail user agent has its own built in editor pico.
nano will be a copy of pico, but with GPL
It is not complete, but it is perfectly useable. It is
small (~80K) but lacks macros. (I added them, and now
I use nano as my main editor)


unpack the source

../configure --prefix=/usr
make install

Far too easy


Very configurable, easy to learn and plenty of features.
I used this for several months until having to press two
buttons to play back macros annoyed me too much.


What's a .Z? Who cares, gzip can handle it.
unpack the source

sed s@/usr/local@/usr@ < Makefile > Makefile~
mv -f Makefile~ Makefile
make install


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