Which package contains lex?

Fabio Fracassi f.fracassi at gmx.net
Thu Nov 30 04:43:16 PST 2000

On Thursday 30 November 2000 12:04, you wrote:
> Lukas Mol schrieb:
> > Beware: you will run into trouble later: the making of glibc needs
> > lots and lots of room. I had problems myself using a 500 mb partition
> > for lfs. I had to move and ln -s a lot of stuff to squeeze the glibc
> > making on the lfs disk.
> > Just mentioning it, because it's so nasty to discover this halfway
> > your making of glibc (propably quite a few hours on a 386).
> OK, so I could use my server for compiling as it has a Pentium 166 and
> about 8 Gb of free harddisk space, but how can I produce binaries for
> the 386 on that machine? And at which point will I have to move to the
> target system?

you can do everything on your server and move to the target system when you 
are completely ready. In your case you should *not* move before you got 
thenetwork working. you can produce binarys for your 386 with 
CFLAGS="-march=i386" and CPPFLAGS="-march=i386"
you might have to double check some makefiles, as not all packages use the 

> BTW Is it absolutely necessary to have a special partition for the lfs
> system? - It shall become the only system on the 386 besides a few Mb
> partition with DOS for setup stuff. I want to completely replace the
> SuSE Linux with it.
Of course you can have LFS as only system. In your place I would just take 
the hdd from your 368 put it into the server, build the system, and then move 
it back.

As a note of caution, I have not tried that jet, so no guaranties.


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