lfs basic install: binutils configure/downloading

Hywel Mallett Hywel at hmallett.co.uk
Wed Nov 29 16:25:51 PST 2000

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> We have often seen that MSIE corrupts downloads when it comes to files it
> does not understand (like the gz tar or bz2 extensions) and treats them as
> txt file sometimes thus adding CR+LF characters which totally messes the
> archive up. But if that were the case, than you wouldn't be able to unpack
> the archive. Tar or gzip or bzip2 would complain about the archives being
> corrupt. That would have been your clue that the download was not a

I have not had a problem with IE corrupting gz and bz2 files. It does mess
the extension up, but the data remains intact IME. That and samba conversion
to uppercase....
Netscape on the other hand.....Downloaded KDE2 from college (1MB per secand,
yay!) took it home, it half of the files were screwed (boo!), ended up
d/ling them at home.

Hywel Mallett

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