kernel panic vfs unable to mount 02:00

Scott Thomason SThomaso at
Wed Nov 29 13:23:34 PST 2000

Search-engine bait for those of you rescue-floppy builders out there banging your head on the wall...

If you are getting:

    Kernel panic: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on 02:00

....when mounting your root filesystem from a floppy ramdisk, it's probably because you did an:

    rdev -R 49152

....on your floppy kernel when you really needed an:

    rdev -r 49152

(note the -r vs. -R). It's an easy mistake to make, because you probably just (correctly) used the "-R" rdev option to set the read/write option.

Now the next time I search for this problem with Google, I'll find the right answer!

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