kernel-x.test10: oldconfig

Erika Pacholleck Pacholleck.E at
Wed Nov 29 07:11:21 PST 2000

Would those of you using the test kernels please
tell me whether you found similar or different
behaviour - just in case some of you using the
same way as me.

This is how I do it (mine is modular):
-. all via script, running in chroot environment
1. unpack
2. cat the =y and =m values into .config
3. command: "yes no | make oldconfig \"
4. ... continue normal procedure ...

This is what I found:
Despite of some modules which should, due to "yes no",
not be selected I find them built and installed as
I also found that menuconfig did not save some of my
changed values, so I prefer config and if I do that
"by hand" it is all okay. But honestly, I hate to go
through that, constantly typing no.

I would like to hear your remarks.


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