lfs basic install: binutils configure/downloading

Gerard Beekmans gerard at linuxfromscratch.org
Tue Nov 28 18:21:49 PST 2000

> Excuse me for disturbing with this at all, its all just a download problem.
> If its really such a random thing, to get exactly all of a certain archive,
> then im looking really forward to downloading the kernelsource or glibc!!
> That will be really a lottery! I wonder how often you guys repeat the same
> thing, until you got those big archives complete into your box. Or is there
> a way to fix those "data holes" and not loose anything while downloading?
> Or maybe my connection to web is faulty? How can i find out?

We have often seen that MSIE corrupts downloads when it comes to files it 
does not understand (like the gz tar or bz2 extensions) and treats them as 
txt file sometimes thus adding CR+LF characters which totally messes the 
archive up. But if that were the case, than you wouldn't be able to unpack 
the archive. Tar or gzip or bzip2 would complain about the archives being 
corrupt. That would have been your clue that the download was not a success.

Something you can try: download the archive and run this: md5sum filename
Then compare the output to the values in the 

Gerard Beekmans

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