lfs basic install: binutils configure/downloading

Dieter Maas Dieter.Maas at freenet.de
Tue Nov 28 13:51:57 PST 2000

> ---------------
> > Configuring bfd...
> > No configuration information in bfd
> > --------------------------
> > i would really appreciate another hint at that, thank you for your help.
> Start your package manager program or however you install packages on your 
> starting system and make sure you have all the available development packages 
> installed, including static libraries (static Glibc libararies), flex and 
> bison
Excuse me for disturbing with this at all, its all just a download problem. If
its really such a random thing, to get exactly all of a certain archive, then im
looking really forward to downloading the kernelsource or glibc!! That will be
really a lottery! I wonder how often you guys repeat the same thing, until you
got those big archives complete into your box. Or is there a way to fix those
"data holes" and not loose anything while downloading?
Or maybe my connection to web is faulty? How can i find out?
Thanx for your patience

Dieter Maas

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