can't open pseudo-term?

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Tue Nov 28 05:08:14 PST 2000

On Wed, Nov 29, 2000 at 01:08:41AM +1300, Simon Geard wrote:
> > > I just got X 4.0.1 working wonderfully on my computer without too much
> > > tinkering so naturally I went on to install a WM and other apps. Only
> > > problem is the term I always use, Aterm, won't run. When I try to open an
> > > aterm window it immediately closes again stating: aterm: Can't open
> > > pseudo-term.
> > > aterm: Aborting!
> >
> > Do you have files like /dev/ttyp1 ttyp2 ttyp3 and so forth?
> On a similar note, I'm building a small LFS install in addition to my main 
> system, for the purpose of experimenting with. Right now, I have a basic LFS 
> system, except with the devfs filesystem. All the basic system functions work 
> fine.
> I'm now trying to install X4.0.1. It compiles and installs without errors, 
> but won't run. On running startx, it switches briefly to graphical mode, then 
> exits with the following error messages.
> xterm: no available ptys: No such file or directory
> xterm: no available ptys: No such file or directory
> login: no available ptys: No such file or directory
> Now, the default behaviour of X is to run 3 xterms, one of them a login shell 
> - presumably this is where the error is coming from. For some reason, xterm 
> is unable to use the devfs style pseudoterms.
> Looking in /dev, I don't appear to have either the ptmx device, nor the pts 
> directory that are characteristic of Unix98 ttys. I don't have this enabled 
> in the kernel, because it should be included by default with the devfs 
> filesystem.
> It works if I run devfsd, which sets up symlinks for the old-style device 
> names. However, I don't really want to do that - it should be possible to 
> work without it.
> Any ideas?
> Simon Geard.

Does devfs obsolete devpts?

J. Jones

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