can't open pseudo-term?

Simon Geard delgarde at
Tue Nov 28 04:08:41 PST 2000

> > I just got X 4.0.1 working wonderfully on my computer without too much
> > tinkering so naturally I went on to install a WM and other apps. Only
> > problem is the term I always use, Aterm, won't run. When I try to open an
> > aterm window it immediately closes again stating: aterm: Can't open
> > pseudo-term.
> > aterm: Aborting!
> Do you have files like /dev/ttyp1 ttyp2 ttyp3 and so forth?

On a similar note, I'm building a small LFS install in addition to my main 
system, for the purpose of experimenting with. Right now, I have a basic LFS 
system, except with the devfs filesystem. All the basic system functions work 

I'm now trying to install X4.0.1. It compiles and installs without errors, 
but won't run. On running startx, it switches briefly to graphical mode, then 
exits with the following error messages.

xterm: no available ptys: No such file or directory
xterm: no available ptys: No such file or directory
login: no available ptys: No such file or directory

Now, the default behaviour of X is to run 3 xterms, one of them a login shell 
- presumably this is where the error is coming from. For some reason, xterm 
is unable to use the devfs style pseudoterms.

Looking in /dev, I don't appear to have either the ptmx device, nor the pts 
directory that are characteristic of Unix98 ttys. I don't have this enabled 
in the kernel, because it should be included by default with the devfs 

It works if I run devfsd, which sets up symlinks for the old-style device 
names. However, I don't really want to do that - it should be possible to 
work without it.

Any ideas?

Simon Geard.

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