Copying Windows system using Linux

Steve Loft steve at
Tue Nov 28 00:10:19 PST 2000

On Monday 27 November 2000 10:50 pm, Peter Morris wrote:
> All these postings about fscking windoze are getting very annoying.
> What does this topic have to do with LFS? I don't use windoze! I
> don't care about windoze! I'm tired of deleting these things!

Sorry you feel that way. The thread is about copying windows partitions 
using an LFS system. If that isn't on topic, I give up.

Many of the threads on this mailing list are about topics of no 
interest to me (the last thread you joined in was about emacs - I don't 
use emacs). I just skip them - or read them, sometimes they are of 
interest even though they don't directly affect me. I'm sure this 
applies to many others here.


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