lfs basic install: binutils configure

Dieter Maas Dieter.Maas at freenet.de
Mon Nov 27 13:21:39 PST 2000

Am Mon, 27 Nov 2000 schrieben Sie:
> > So this is what i always see, maybe you can make more of it.
> > thanks
> Is this happening in chapter 5  or in chapter 6 ?

oh, how nice, someone, even the author of LFS, answering, so, its from chapter
5. Meanwhile i tried some more, looked for this file in my *homesystem*, tried
configure without and with other options, installed a newer -10.1- package
(which had a bfd-directory, also without configure.host, or is it homemade by
configure?), searched for this filename in a lot of those packagefiles, maybe
to #it out, but didnt find it so far, i still feel blind about it. ah, one more
thing i noticed in the configure outputtext, line 3 + 4:
Configuring bfd... 
No configuration information in bfd
i would really appreciate another hint at that, thank you for your help.

Dieter Maas

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