Copying Windows system using Linux

barry barry at
Sun Nov 26 23:20:02 PST 2000

Rudolf Floers wrote:
> > of course, if you have a perfect copy of your original FAT
> > partition, you can try copying it directly instead of
> > copying the files.
> >
> > you'd do this by doing the following:
> >
> > cat /dev/<your original DOS fs> > /dev/<your new DOS fs>
> that's a great idea.
> does <your new DOS fs> need have same size as <your original DOS fs> ?

you know, I'm not sure...

I will say that I think that the target filesystem must be
AT LEAST the size of the initial partition.  I say this
because the command essentially copies the contents
indiscriminantly, block per block.  it doesn't deal with any
of the file system attributes, simply copies them outright.

trivia, this can also be done with the dd command:

dd -if=/dev/<your original DOS fs> -of=/dev/<your new DOS

oh yes, and the target must have the same basic FS
attributes, the same inode size, etc... this is usually
fairly automatic now...

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