Copying Windows system using Linux

barry barry at
Sun Nov 26 23:13:48 PST 2000

Jesse Tie Ten Quee wrote:
> Yo,
> On Sun, Nov 26, 2000 at 11:20:45AM +0000, Steve Loft wrote:
> > I've tried that. If I do it immediately after formatting, it works. If
> > I do it after copying the files, it fails "sector not found".
> So, do it after you copy the files over... vfat partition doesn't have
> all the fat bits and stuff (like archive, executable, hidden, blabhblah)

you see, that's a pretty big problem when dealing with this
type of operating, since many files require "system" bits in
the FAT file system in order for windows to boot...

perhaps a good suggestion might be to copy the c:\windows
directory and the files on the root of C: over to the target
partition using DOS xcopy, then copy the rest of the dirs
over with linux... Of course, why not use xcopy for the
whole thing, then?

or, perhaps there's a way to do with with the dosfs tools?

I'm on vacation right now and don't have access to a linux
box to check.  could someone check for me? - I'm quite
intrigued with this problem.

this is a good example of some of the architectural
limitations of windows.  not that linux has no limitations,
but it's a bit more flexible when dealing with something
like this...

although, I must say that we have yet to actually use a
decent boot loader.  lilo and grub are fine, but we need
something a bit more like the BSD bootloader, which is
fairly complete...

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