can't open pseudo-term?

Arnout Couperus llhorian at
Sun Nov 26 13:04:43 PST 2000

I just got X 4.0.1 working wonderfully on my computer without too much tinkering so naturally I went on to install a WM and other apps. Only problem is the term I always use, Aterm, won't run. When I try to open an aterm window it immediately closes again stating:
aterm: Can't open pseudo-term.
aterm: Aborting! 

What, pray tell, is a pseudo-term and why won't it open?

Another problem I had was that imwheel wouldn't compile. For some reason it could not find the Xlib.h Xutil.h and Xresource.h header files in the specified X includes directory. (The header files were right there in front of its nose in the directory it was looking for but the ./configure script gave a 'no' at looking for the X includes (cached) or something similar) 
So sadly I had to cheat on that one and install a binary slackware package instead of using the source like a good Skywalker.
I still don't know why it couldn't find the files. They're right there.


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