Copying Windows system using Linux

Steve Loft steve at
Sun Nov 26 04:45:58 PST 2000

On Saturday 25 November 2000  6:58 pm, you wrote:

> the problem is that the ext2 options for files are different
> than the fat32/16 options for files.  I don't believe there
> is a way to declare files as "system" in linux, which may be
> a problem with your copying...

That was the problem. I changed the files which need the "system" 
attribute, but that still didn't let me boot.  But it did let me do 
"sys c:", and after that it booted!

Thanks to everyone for their help.

To summarise, in case it helps anyone else, these are the steps I 
needed to take:

1. Format the new windows partition, either under Windows or Linux.
2. Mount the old and new windows partitions, say under /old and /new.
3. cp -ax /old /new
4. Remove the old drive, and put the new one in its place so it becomes 
5. Boot using a Windows boot floppy
6. Add the "SHR" attributes to MSDOS.SYS and IO.SYS
7. Do a "SYS C:".
8. You should now be able to boot Windows from C:

This is what worked for me. YM, as they say, MV :)


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