lfs basic install: binutils configure

Peter de Freitas ghovs at ghovs.moo.ca
Sun Nov 26 04:11:28 PST 2000

On Sunday 26 November 2000 10:25, you wrote:
> Is this the place to ask something about installation of the first packages
> in LFS? I read so in the lfs-config archive, so i will just ask it:
> After i did all the steps of making LFS-Partition, filesystem, dirtree,$LFS
> etc bash-compilation,
> i am stuck with configure of binutil-10, stops because:
> .../bfd/configure.host not found. I searched my system for this file, read
> about BFD, i am not an expert in bash programming, didnt analyse this
> configure file, anyone have a  simple solution for this? Before i have to
> embark in shellprogramming...
> sorry for this newbienewbie question, but i tried for a whole day,
> downloaded another version, what is this configure.host?
> thanks
> Dieter

Either try running 
../configure --host=pc-i386-linux-gnu

Or post a more detailed error.
Usually, all the lines of error are needed, not just one of them.

Peter de Freitas

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