Copying Windows system using Linux

Miroslav Hrachovec hrachovm at
Sat Nov 25 11:01:29 PST 2000

> On Saturday 25 November 2000  2:25 pm, you wrote:
> > if you haven't tried yet: format the partition with the windows-tool
> > format, which should be on the win98 bootdisk.
> Yes, I tried that before I tried the mkdosfs way.  If I do a "format c: 
> /s" I can then boot the partition. Once I go back into linux and copy 
> the files, I get the problems I described above.

Did you try to copy all files except IO.SYS or MSDOS.SYS I can't remeber
the right name now. It is binary file with size about 200KB in C:\
As I know limitation of MSDOS bootsector is pttion must be under 8GB 
But if your PC after format c: /s sucessfully boots ...

> I guess I could use a native DOS method of copying the files, but it 
> annoys me that I can't do it from Linux.

What FS are you using for mounting DOS pttion? I expect best results with


> Steve

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