Copying Windows system using Linux

Steve Loft steve at
Sat Nov 25 04:21:30 PST 2000

On Monday 20 November 2000  1:19 pm, you wrote:

> # use mkdosfs to format a new partition here it is /dev/hda1 (verify
> the option) mkdosfs -c -L 32 /dev/hda1

This seems to have worked from the Linux point of view, but windows 
isn't happy.  I can read the files perfectly from Linux, but when I 
boot Windows from LILO, I just get a few garbage characters on the 

If I boot from a Windows 98 floppy, I can see the directory structure 
OK, but trying to access a file gives me a 'sector not found error'. As 
I said, I can read the files perfectly under linux.

Something to do with the size of the disk perhaps?  It's 30GB, and the 
windows partition is the first 2GB.  I've got 'LBA' set in the BIOS.


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