Mirror copy of current LFS sys

Julio Recalde julio at dk2net.dk
Fri Nov 24 10:30:32 PST 2000

Hi. Currently I have my LFS system on hdb and my suse system on hda, hdb is mine, the other is no. I'm just wainting for the 2.4.0 release to start building a new LFS system using the new version (2.4.3 I  think) and a journaling fs, either reiserfs or ext3? what do you recoment? what about tuxfs, any links to it?
The point is that I'd like to install the new sys on hdb using my current LFS sys, is there anyway I can make a mirror copy of the current system over hda, reinstall lilo and begin the task? How could I do it using just suse's boot disk or rescue system?

		Julio J. Recalde L.

Lejre, 24/11/00

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