About html mail

Mike Hildebrandt mikehild at insight.org
Fri Nov 24 08:54:27 PST 2000

> To all PPL using M$ Outlook, U should disable html (or worse,
> rtf) mail by
> going to Tools --> Options --> Mail Format tab, and then
> change to "plain
> text"  also uncheck the "use m$ word to edit.." idiocy

Here's the behaviour I've noticed with my copy of Outlook 2000.  Currently
it _is_ set to send RTF format email, and when I send myself a test email
through my office's internal MS Mail server it does indeed come through as
RTF.  If I send myself an email through the internet, it comes through as
plain text.  All the messages I've sent to the list show up as plain text as

Perhaps not all M$ software is as dumb as I originally thought?  Don't get
me wrong though, this isn't enough to balance out with the other things I
dislike about it... ;)

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