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Fri Nov 24 05:19:44 PST 2000

Misquoted from didbaba on Thu, Nov 23, 2000 at 07:18:27PM +0100:
> I use postfix for a while now, but it is not very well configured. Here is my problem :
> Sorry if I ask some stupid question but I learn...
> First the situation :
> I've got one computer, a modem and a dial up connection. The hostname of my computer is takeda.
> I choose a domain name
> ( historic : a honjin is like an hotel for the samurai warlords in the sengoku jidai, and takeda shingen is a famous warlord ) 
> I haven't got any IP address because it's my provider ( who give me an IP, and it is different each time I connect to internet.
> Secondly the problem :
> When i write a mail, nobody can answer to my mail because the address is wrong :
> my address is didbaba at
> and on the mail there is "from didbaba at"               myorigin = in postfix/
> but I do not find how to have "from : didbaba at", now I only have got "from : didbaba at"  
> If I change my domain to, I've got "from : didbaba at" but I can't write to my friend at the address someone at
> Third the solution :
> Is the solution in IP_masquerading ? (maybe a stupid question)
I looked for a similar prblem in qmail. I had qmail correctly
configured to use my real e-mail address in the from line
for out-going mail, but accept mail for both my real address
and my local network address.

After wasting hours searching the qmail documentation, I found
mutt was putting the wrong from line in the e-mail.

Try adding this to ~/muttrc: set from="didbaba at"


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