2.4 kernel & lilo

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> Now the kernel's working, I was thinking of getting some usable network
> facility going for the 2-computer LAN I have at home. The other machine is
> (apologies) Windows 95, and I wondered if anybody had any suggestions for
> how to make the ethernet usable. I can ping the other machine from either,
> but I can't figure out how to do much else. I suppose Linux won't ever
> in Windows' 'Network Neighbourhood', will it? Ideally, I'd want to share
> files, the printer and the dial-up connection (when I *finally* get round
> sorting that out in LFS). I know I'll need a proxy server for the latter.
> printing over an ethernet easy in linux? And is the best way to share
> to set up an FTP server on one of the machines, or is there a better way?

As Jesse says, samba from http://www.samba.org allows you to share files
between Lin and Win. Then the linux box will show in the Network
Neighbourhood! It'll share files in the same way as Windows boxes, and
printers too, although I'm not using a printer myself. With samba you don't
need to worry about setting up an FTP server. For sharing the dial-up you
don't need a proxy. All you need is netfilter, from
http://netfilter.kernelnotes.org and to compile NAT into your kernel. Diald
from http://diald.sourceforge.net will allow the linux box to dial on
demand. If you do want to proxy and cache web pages you could use squid from
http://www.squid-cache.org , although for a 2 box network there's not that
much point.
It all works fine, he says, speaking from experience.

Hywel Mallett

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