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Thu Nov 23 12:58:12 PST 2000

> and a journaling fs, either reiserfs or ext3?

And how about IBM's JFS ? It's AIX's default journaled filesystem, and has
been in use for quite some time in AIX now, which makes it reasonably safe
to assume its 'proven technology'. IBM has recently been working on a linux
port, check out the ibm website for details at

Or, what about XFS ?

> I'm a little ignorant here... I've heard the term being thrown around
> but what does it mean when a FS is a _journaling_ FS

Essentially it means, that when your system crashes and you have to hit the
reboot button, you wont have to fsck your filesystems. ;) This is because,
on a journaled filesystem, not only the actual data gets written to disk,
but also a transaction journal or log is kept of all the modifications made
to the filesystem. So when the system experiences an unexpected shutdown,
the fs driver will look at the transaction journal when the system restarts,
and notice that certain operations did not complete. It will then be able to
either redo the action that was incompleted, or undo (rollback) the
incompleted action, which will leave your fs in a consistent state once

For more details, check out the excellent paper on journaled filesystems in
general, and ext3fs in particular at

> as opposed to
> non-journaling, like ext2/FAT/NTFS/etc?

Err.... excuse me? NTFS *is* a *journaled* filesystem...

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