Bash - replacing the static bash with the dynamic bash

Ainsley Pereira marble at
Thu Nov 23 11:18:59 PST 2000

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          Gerard Beekmans <gerard at> wrote:

> > any longer. But you can not replace a bash which you are using at the
> > moment (this is cutting the branch of a tree while sitting on it).
> actually you can but it's good practise not to do so (bash should be entirely 
> in memory so you could overwrite the file. But you can see all kinds of funny 
> things that could go wrong so we don't take the risc)

I could be wrong but I thought that when you opened an executable it was
remembered as being in use, so if you rm'd it or wrote another file with the
same name, it would not occupy that area of the disk until the execution
completed; that is it would be unlinked, but not deleted?


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