Bash - replacing the static bash with the dynamic bash

Erika Pacholleck Pacholleck.E at
Wed Nov 22 13:38:19 PST 2000

( Mit, 22 Nov 2000 ) Roger deBry <-- :
> Sorry for this probably dumb question. In the Bash install for the dynamic
> bash, there is a statement that says "Replace the static bash with the
> dynamic bash ...". What does this mean? I am not sure what I am supposed to
> do here.

When you started you built a bash which was static. This is the one you are
working with all the while long in chroot until you compile bash again, this
time dynamic.
Now you want to use the dynamic one for the future and not keep the static
any longer. But you can not replace a bash which you are using at the
moment (this is cutting the branch of a tree while sitting on it).

Your situation is like this:
/bin/bash : the static one you have been using until now
/bin/sh   : the link going to your bash you use now

After compiling when you said make install you get also
/usr/bin/bash: this is the dynamic (prefix=/usr makes it go to /usr/bin)

As we said we cannot replace what we are using, therefore you have to
logout and leave the chroot environment, so you do not use the static
Now from you starting distribution you can move the dynamic /usr/bin/bash
to become /bin/bash - that's what you wanted: to have the dynamic bash
where it belongs, in /bin. (done with the line under it mv $LFS/usr/bin...)

The static one is gone, the dynamic in its place, so you can chroot again
and when you do this you are using the dynamic /bin/bash from now on.


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