Bash - replacing the static bash with the dynamic bash

J.Smith temp201 at
Wed Nov 22 13:31:36 PST 2000

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> > moment (this is cutting the branch of a tree while sitting on it).
> >

> actually you can but it's good practise not to do so

Which is one of the major differences between *nix and so many other OS'es.
It actually lets you do whatever you whish to, even 'cutting the branch of
the tree while sitting on it' if you should desire to do so. The OS doesn't
try to 'protect' or prevent the administrator from doing something that
might be considered harmful to the system. Want to reformat the entire
partition you just booted from? No problem! Want to overwrite you're entire
RAM memory with the string '000000', including memory that's currently used
by the kernel? Sure, go right ahead! Hey, you're the administrator, right?
*nix philosophy seems to be that the admin should have the final word on
what should or should not be done to the system, instead of the OS
determining what can or cannot be done.

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